Best Fitness Exercises for Men You Should Know

Men’s fitness is not only lifting weight or ferociously punching a bag at the gym. It is and always will be more than that, and any professional fitness trainer will agree to it. There are several exercises with their own set of benefits that you will need to carry out in order achieve a good level of fitness.

So it can get quite tricky at times to decide which exercises you must include in your daily routine. This is even more confusing considering that your age should allow you to carry out the activities. It is because age plays an essential role in the selection of the correct set of exercises on a daily basis.

Fitness is not about developing muscles and biceps, but it involves the improvement of the body as a whole. When you successfully engage all the body parts in daily exercise, only then you will be able to strive for complete physical fitness. Have a look at these fantastic fitness exercises for men that you can carry out and lead a healthy lifestyle.

SQUATS – Squats are one of the most versatile and essential exercise to add to your daily routine. You can carry out this fitness exercise without the need for any equipment as well. It is such an exercise that you can easily practice at home. You will need to stand straight and with both of your feet at a distance equivalent to hip-width. Now, relax your shoulder and look in front so that the neck is equally aligned your spine.


Hold both of your arms in front or rest them in your hips. Once you have adjusted to this position, slowly squat down as if you are going to sit on a chair. Doing 15-20 squats daily increases your muscle flexibility, helps to build core strength and boosts the entire body function. It is very effective for back pain as well.

LUNGES – Create the posture similar to what you did during squats. Keep the upper portion of the body straight and keep the shoulders relaxed. Bring your chin up and the neck in the alignment of the spine.

Now, step one of the legs forward and start bending till the knees come at 90° angle. However, keep in mind that one of the knee shouldn’t touch the floor. Keep doing this simultaneously with both legs and maintaining the same posture every time.

8-10 lunges every day will surely do the trick. Lunges are a great physical exercise that helps to improve the core strength and increases the ability of the leg and body muscles to work more efficiently.

PULL-UPS – One of the most common yet effective physical exercises that most of the men conduct is pull-up. We couldn’t keep pull-ups out from this list because of its effectiveness and popularity among men. Grab on a bar that is at a higher level from the ground and hang from it.

Make sure your legs do not touch the surface and then start pulling your chest towards the bar by clenching your chest. Do not swing your legs but keep them straight to prevent injury that may seriously affect you. Try to do as many pull-ups you can do on a regular basis for more intense workout sessions.


Pull-ups are a great way to lose your weight and increase the strength of your wrists. Pull ups burns significant amount of calories. It does wonders to your back muscles by making them stronger than before.

CARDIO – Cardio exercises not only means running on the treadmill for a few minutes. That might prove to be ineffective for many individuals, and their metabolic rate remains unchanged. So you would want to add an anaerobic exercise in the cardio exercise routine like jumping, skipping or sprinting.

Once you have completed the training it will make your cardio routine more intensive. Regular cardio exercises of 15-20 minutes will prove to be very useful.

Cardio workouts are an important way to improve your metabolic rate and help to increase heart muscle strength. It plays a significant role in the process of eliminating stress hormones and lowers blood pressure levels.

PLANKS – A lot of people do not like to carry out planks. But you should know, that planks are one of the most effective exercises that will surely help you to strengthen your core. To carry out the task, get low on the ground in a posture that is similar while doing a pushup. Now bend your elbows 90° and rest both the forearms on the floor.


Maintain a straight body position from head to toe. You can cup your wrists together if you feel uncomfortable due to the immense pressure created. Planks are very effective to combat back pain and increase spinal strength. Planks also improve flexibility in the posterior muscle groups.

BODY-WEIGHT RESISTANCE – Body-weight resistance is an essential exercise that men should carry out. Resistance exercise helps to build and improve the mass and density of the bones. It is the kind of exercise that you can carry out every day, and anywhere you want to. Just buy a couple of suspension straps which are available cheap, and you can easily carry out arm chest press, leg curls, and core workouts.

Resistance exercise of 10-15 minutes will help you a lot in the long run if you do it regularly. Regular resistance training significantly improves the cardiovascular endurance of your body and strength of the muscles. You can also tone your muscles and burn a lot of calories.

Final Verdict – if you do more extensive research then you will come across a longer list of exercises that men can carry out every day. But that becomes more confusing, right? We have discussed the most critical fitness exercises for men that they can carry out on a regular basis. All these exercises are very effective and benefit different areas of the body significantly.

Carrying out the exercises we have mentioned, one can surely strive for not only a better lifestyle and physical health, but their mental health and positivity increases by significant levels as well. So what are you waiting for? Start with your routine today and fulfill your aim to build a fit and healthy body.

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