The Best Nutrition Foods For Weight Loss You Should Start Eating From Today

Maintaining optimal weight is one of the most challenging tasks nowadays. Due to our hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, we follow living patters which does not allow most of the people to support a healthy routine. That is the reason why excess weight and fat in the body does not take much time to develop.

Eating unhealthy food items and lack of physical exercises contributes further to the cause.  You have probably heard this a lot of time before, that eating healthy is the key to a confident and prosperous life. The type of food you eat has an impact on a lot of things – your body weight, overall body function, and strength.

Junk food items develop body fat much rapidly, and thus many people get diagnosed with obesity due to very high-calorie content. So if you are worried about your growing belly, then it is high time that you start eating healthy. This will prevent the onset of weight disorders and difficulties.

If you are wondering what is the best nutrition food for weight loss that you can add to your regular diet plan, have a look at this list we have made.

Whole Eggs – The people had a wrong notion about entire eggs because they were rumored to be very high in cholesterol. But scientific research has rejected this statement, and new studies have declared that whole eggs have no effect on levels of cholesterol nor they contribute to heart diseases. What’s more interesting in eating whole eggs is that they help your body to lose weight. They are very rich in protein and healthy fats which satisfies your appetite by consuming a low amount of calories.

So when you eat wholesome eggs, your stomach feels full which does not allows you to crave for more food. Thus, less calorie intake is possible. They contain essential nutrients which help to nourish your metabolism as well.

Leafy Green Vegetables – Leafy vegetables are a great inclusion in your diet that is supposed to help you lose weight. These items are low in calories and but rich in carbohydrates and fiber. So whenever you eat green leafy vegetables, it is a brilliant way to revamp the volume of your meals. But the calorie intake does not increase while eating more of these vegetables.

Different types of green vegetables in a stainless colander

Some of the most common leafy vegetables include spinach, kale, collards, swiss cards, etc. Green vegetables are incredibly high in antioxidants and vitamins, which provides for calcium. Due to the presence of such elements, our body can benefit from burning excess fats in the body.

Milled Flaxseeds – Fiber is one of the major components of flaxseeds. So when you eat a handful of flaxseeds, your stomach feels satisfied and thus you don’t feel hungry frequently. Fiber helps to reduce the rate at which food is digested by the body and therefore the energy is conserved for a much more extended period.

We have mentioned “milled” flaxseeds because sometimes when you consume the whole of the seeds, many of them will pass undigested and will be excreted out. So grounding the seeds helps your body to utilize the whole serving. Flaxseeds also help your body to improve bowel movements and boosts your digestive health.

Cucumber – Cucumbers are one of the most popular food items among those who want to lose some weight. Cucumbers help your body to stay hydrated due to the brilliant water content of almost 95%. It also your stomach full since it is rich in fiber and low in calories.


So after you eat some slices of cucumber, you will not crave to eat any other food that will build up the calorie intake.  A handy snack that you can enjoy any time of the day and whenever you want to, cucumber will surely help you lose some weight in the long run.

Soups – Soups are a vital part of your weight loss diet. They are made of high water content that makes them very filling. Ingredients like carrots, chicken, beans and other items make it enjoyable to taste and fills your stomach. So you will not crave to eat food items frequently which helps in the weight loss process.

Soups make a great diet that contains low energy density which contributes to less calorie intake. However, you should also remember to not add too many fat items like cream and coconut milk into the soup.

Cottage Cheese – Many people will wonder why we have included a cheese item on this list, right? But cottage cheese is often overlooked as an item that will help you to lose weight significantly. This category of cheese is very high in protein but low in calories. This helps your body to utilize the whole serving without gaining much fat or calories.

Cottage cheese is also mildly sweet and satiated that makes your stomach to feel full for a longer time.  Therefore you will not crave to eat frequently which is great when you are trying to reduce weight.


Cottage cheese contains Casein protein which gets digested slowly. Thus more energy is required. Such a boost in metabolism means faster depletion of the fat present to the body.

Final Words – Eating healthy food items is one of the most essential and effective ways by which you can reduce weight. Maintaining an optimal weight and healthy metabolism are the critical ingredients to a happy life. If you do not eat healthily, your body tends to build up more fat and calories over time that leads to overweight and obese. Consequently, these conditions can lead to various types of cardiovascular disorders and an unhealthy body structure.

Several nutrition foods for weight loss is available in the market nowadays. Some of them have been mentioned in the list above. These food items not only helps you to lose weight by burning more fat but they also contribute to a better metabolic structure and an even better physical fitness in the long run.

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