Diagnosis is the utmost belief in medical science. Irrespective of diseased state doctors don’t put a step forward without a confirmed diagnosis. In this modern era, diseases have become an easy go. Every one in five is having hypotension or hypertension. According to the latest survey by medical science, it is found that every family in India have a patient of either hypotension or hypertension. However, the doctor speaks poor lifestyle is the ultimate cause of the abnormal condition of blood pressure.


Hypotension is the scientific name for decreased blood pressure. In natural language, it is called “Low Blood Pressure.” The pathology of the hypotension rises with the range of the blood pressure less than (90/60). The mentioned reading comprises of two numerical values of which the first one is systolic pressure. The systolic pressure is defined as the pressure that is build up when the heartbeats and the blood fills in the chambers of the heart. The lower value is the diastolic pressure. It is defined as the pressure developing in the arteries when the heart is in resting condition respectively between the beats.

Diagnosis - Hypotension. Medical Concept. 3D Render.

Usually, a normal human being has a blood pressure of 120/80 mm of Hg. The device that measures blood pressure is known as a sphygmomanometer. Often, the low pressure with no signs of abnormal behavior does not invite any attention. People tend to ignore it. However, according to science, nothing happens randomly, so as low blood pressure. It must be a latent sign of any underlying pathogenesis. However, researches do elicit low pressure is generally observed in elderly patients. As a result of low-pressure blood flow to the heart is minimized, which ultimately leads to decreased blood flow to the vital organs, the peripheral body areas.


Usually, hypotension is caused by aging due to the decreased functioning of the body. There are many more reasons that add hypotension in your body. Some are discussed below.

PREGNANCY: Pregnancy leads to several changes in the organization right from the physical to metabolic graphics. Hypotension is one of the real change occurring in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the area of circulation expands. It leads to the hormonal changes leading to the dilatation of the peripheral blood vessels, resulting in the fall of the blood pressure. There is a specific rhythm in the alteration of the blood pressure in pregnancy. Low pressure generally prevails in the first trimester and is lowest in the mid half of the second trimester.

HORMONAL FLUCTUATIONS: Some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) as a result of fluctuation in thyroid hormone, and insulin hormone can lead to low blood pressure.

ALTERATION IN THE STRUCTURAL CONFIGURATION OF THE ARTERIES:Arteries are the transporting mode of the blood to the heart for purification. The structural morphology of the artery says, it is thinner in diameter as a result when blood passes through it, experiences pressure, termed as blood pressure. When these arteries get widened and dilated, no force develops on the walls of the arteries resulting hypotension.

DEHYDRATION: Dehydration leads to weakness, dizziness, and an extensive period of fatigue resulting in hypotension. Dehydration leads to hypovolemic shock while causes a sudden drop in the blood pressure. The sudden drop is way fatal because it can cause death within a short period.

HEART ARRHYTHMIAS: It is the clinical term for abnormal heart rhythms. As a result of the irregular rhythm of the heart rate, the pumping of the blood also gets disturbed. It results in the drop of the blood pressure, resulting in hypotension.

HEAT EXHAUSTION AND HEAT STROKE: Heat stroke or heat exhaustion occurs when working at severe high temperature. As a result of the extreme condition, dehydration makes its first appearance, which continues in the chain reaction and develops hypotension.


There is a various reason that leads to a drop in the blood pressure. Some are below:

  1. Excessive loss of blood from bleeding causes a sudden fall in blood pressure.
  2. Fall in body temperature also results in hypotension.
  3. Hyperthermia at times also results in a decrease in the blood pressure.
  4. The pathogenesis associated with the different heart muscle results in an abnormality in contraction and rhythmicity, ultimately paving the way to hypotension.
  5. A quick drop of blood pressure occurs by dehydration. It may arise from extensive vomiting or else fever.
  6. Our body is very reactive to new substances. Intake of alcohol or any other chemical agents to which the human body is not familiar to may result in hypotension.
  7. An immune step of hypersensitivity, an allergic reaction popularly called anaphylaxis causes a distribution of the rhythmicity of the heartbeat. Irregularity of the pulse may cause a sudden drop of blood pressure showing symptoms of hypotension.

blood control


 Hypotension for a matter of sake any other disease can be diagnosed only after seeing some specific symptoms. The signs of low blood pressure are-

  1. Low blood pressure is associated with a decreased rate of metabolism. As a result, you get-
  • Extensive weakness.
  • Feeling of lightheadedness.
  • Staggering
  • Early fatigues.
  • A sensation of nausea.
  • Frequent loss of conscious.
  • Yellowish pale skin.

If you observe any of the following symptoms, visit your doctor or clinical specialist to get proper guidance about the treatment. The writing does provide you a vivid idea about what causes low blood pressure. The hypotension is caused by different pathogenic condition. The latest survey shows that the reasons are directly or indirectly being the cause of hypotension. It is advised by the doctor to take good care of the blood pressure of patients of hypotension. In comparison to the mild hypertension condition, the patient with mild hypotension is harmful. Usually, the drop of the diastolic pressure does give a threat to the body; if ignored, then the results are generally fatal.


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