Easy and Effective Exercises for Knee Arthritis

People use the knee every day as they run, walk, jump or climb. The joints become hot, swollen and often painful when arthritis occurs. By arthritis knee joints are commonly affected. The knee pain caused by knee arthritis can greatly impact on your daily life, even with medications. Exercise is another way to reduce knee arthritis pain and symptoms. You can reduce knee pain by practicing some exercises and following some routine to improve decreasing stiffness and increasing flexibility.

To make it more effective and safe, you should consult your doctor or physical therapist. So, they may suggest you the best easy and effective exercises for knee arthritis to meet your goal.

osteoarthritis pain in knee flare

Easy and simple exercises:

Each of these exercises will help with improving flexibility, building strength and increasing stamina.

Half Squat 

  • Stand straight and stretch your arms out in front of you.
  • Slowly bend your knees as a half-sitting position. Hold on a chair to keep balance.
  • Don’t lean forward. Keep your chest lifted and back straight.
  • Keeping your flat on the floor, and hold the position for 5 seconds. Then stand back up slowly.
  • Do it ten times and slowly try to work up to three sets of 10.

While performing this exercise there should be no pain. Along with the gluteus, this exercise will strengthen the fronts and backs muscles of your thighs.

Leg Raising

  • Lie straight on your ground on your back, keeping your arms at your sides and toes up.
  • While tightening your muscles your leg should be kept straight and lift it a few inches slowly. so as to perform this task in a good manner.
  • Tighten your stomach and push your lower back down.
  • Hold on and count till 5, and slowly lower your legs as you can.
  • Do the same with your other leg.
  • For each leg do the same with one set of four.

lying leg raises

This exercise strengthens the quadriceps muscles on the front of your thighs and muscles attached to your joints.

Leg Stretching 

  • Sitting on the ground keep your both legs straight. Straighten and stabilize yourself with your hands on the side of your hips.
  • Slowly bend one knee until it feels stretched before becoming painful.
  • Hold on and count for 5 and slowly straighten your leg out as you can.
  • Repeat it 10 times and switch your legs whenever one begins to tire.


Doing this exercise will strengthen your quadriceps and muscles of your legs.


  • Lying on the ground bent both of your legs.
  • Slowly lift your one leg and take you to knee to your chest.
  • Straighten your leg and hold your thigh. Remember do not hold your knee.
  • You need to pull your straight leg to your head until you feel the stretch.
  • Hold on and count for 30-60, and bend your knees slowly and get back your leg to the ground.
  • Repeat and whenever one begins tire switch legs. Do it ten times.

Hamstrings are the muscles on the backs of the thighs and attached to the knees. This exercise helps in stretching and strengthening hamstrings.

Pillow Squeezing 

  • Lying on your back bend your knees.
  • Keep a pillow between your knees.
  • Press on the pillow.
  • Take 5 seconds. Repeat it ten times. After doing each set switch your legs.

This exercise helps to strengthen the inside of your legs to help support your knees.

Heel Raising 

  • Stand straight and hold a chair to get support.
  • Raise your heels from the ground on your toes.
  • Keep as it is for 3 seconds. Slowly back your heels to the ground.
  • Repeat it ten times.

This move helps to make flexible your toes.

Practice Leg Balance 

  • Stand without help and raise one foot slowly.
  • Hold 20 seconds and do not grab anything.
  • Do this twice and switch sides.

This exercise helps you to bend over or get in and out of cars.

 Calf Stretching 

  • Hold on a chair for balance.
  • Bend your right leg.
  • Stay back with your left leg and straighten it behind you slowly.
  • Press your left heel forward the floor.
  • Stretching should feel in the calf of your back leg.
  • Keep it for 20 seconds. Repeat twice and then switch legs.

This exercise helps to stretch the calf muscles and make it flexible.

Final Thoughts

These are some easy and effective exercises for knee arthritis. These exercises will help you to be more active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Even after practicing these exercises for a while you should be aware of changing your knee pain. Knee arthritis patients should try to lead a healthy lifestyle, visit the doctor and take prescribed medication. Practicing these exercises may also help to reduce knee pain. These low impact and gentle exercises may prove best for knee arthritis. It will help you to minimize your joints stress and increase its strength and flexibility.

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