Effective Home Remedies for Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a degenerative disease. Treatment depends on a combination of lifestyle changes and conventional medicine. Medications can reduce pain but long term taking of these may have side effects. Natural remedies, home remedies and lifestyle changes can help in managing the pain of arthritis with fewer side effects. Certain methods play an essential role to prevent arthritis from getting worse.

Just because you are taking home remedies that don’t mean it will replace your current treatment. But you may feel more relief. Discuss these lifestyle changes and home remedies with your doctor before trying them.

Knee pain has both short term and long term problems. People can solve many of them with home remedies instead of consulting a doctor.


Some effective home remedies for knee arthritis are given below:

 Epsom Salt bath

Epsom salt baths provide all-over relief for joint pain. The magnesium, an element in Epsom salt may reduce pain and inflammation. You may get Epsom salt from drugstores. If you often take these baths for 30 minutes at a time are safe enough. Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt in warm water at a temperature of about 102°F (38°C).


Green tea

It contains polyphenols. Polyphenols may reduce the need for medications and inflammation. One of the Arthritis   Research and Therapy reported that green tea increases cartilage protection.  Green tea is best taken in moderation due to the side effects and risk of liver problems from concentrated amounts. It’s polyphenol improved arthritis-related immune responses and reduced cartilage damage. So, drinking green tea may help people reducing knee pain who are suffering from knee arthritis.


Ginger tea

Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger seem to work by curbing pain. It has no side effects. So it is beneficial to take ginger tea for knee arthritis. You may use lightly cooked, powdered or raw ginger liberally on food. Slices of ginger simmer for 15 minutes in a few cups of boiling water. Or else you can buy ginger tea bags at the market.


People having obesity or excess weight have a higher risk of knee pain carrying extra weight provides the joints more work to do. Weight loss may help to reduce long term knee pain. Extra weight increases inflammation throughout the body and the knees get affected. To ensure safety you should check with a nutritionist before starting a good diet for knee pain.


Exercise can delay the development of knee pain and also boost the health of cartilage. Exercise strengthens muscles. Leg muscles strengthening is beneficial for the knees. The upper leg muscles and the quadricep muscles strengthening through exercise may help protect the knee joint. Aerobics puts little strain on the knees which may beneficial for knee pain and there are few more exercises for knee arthritis are available.


Hot and ice compression

For pain, hot and ice compression proves very beneficial. They don’t cause the long term side effects as medication does. Ice compressions are effective for joint pain and hot compression is helpful for joint stiffness. Compressions may relieve muscle pain or spasms surrounding joints. Compressions can as simple as using a cold or warm towel. Compressions can be effective in treating pain in the lower back and recommend to ease joint pain.

Avoid processed and junk food

If you want to improve your knee pain then you need to avoid processed food, junk food and fast food. Several non-randomized studies have shown that arthritis patients had a reduction in pain by switching to a Mediterranean style eating plan (like fresh veggies, fruits, fish, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, onions, garlic and herbs) and also increase in some physical function.

 Fragrant spices

Korean researcher studies that arthritis patients feel less depressed and less pain when they are exposed to aromas of kitchen spices including rosemary, marjoram and peppermint.  Japanese researchers study that lavender reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Which makes you feel less aware of the pain and relaxed.  Add a teaspoon of these dried herbs to quarter cup of olive, vegetable or coconut oil for a pain soothing aromatherapy treatment and periodically take a whiff.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids relieve inflammation and soothing joint. Fishes of cold water such as tuna and salmon are among the best dietary sources. But only eating fish alone is not enough against your need. So, you may take an omega-3 supplement with your doctor’s suggestion.  It’s good to cook with olive oil instead of corn oil. Olive oil contains omega-3 and antioxidants as well.

Final Verdict

These are not all. These are just some of the effective home remedies for knee arthritis.  But it’s not possible once part to follow all home remedies. Follow some which suit you. Hope these will help to improve your health. You may also try to wash dishes by hand, drink chamomile tea, go for a swim, get enough vitamin C, add cloves to your diet, walk barefoot, soak up some sun. Trying these home remedies may help you get relief naturally.

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